Wrapping Text | How to wrap text in cells in Excel

Hello Everyone, Today we will discuss how to wraps the text in the cells in MS Excel. MS excel is a powerful tool to design the data in a good manner. If we want to display the data in a proper manner or want text to appear on the multiple lines in a cell, we need to apply the wrap text function in the cells, We can also enter a manual line break for appear text in multiple lines.
Wrapping Text in excel, excel wrap Text

Procedure for Wrapping Text in Excel

There are two procedure for wrapping the text in the cells in MS Excel. The first option is to used Wrap Text Function and another option is to used enter a Line Break.
  • Wrap Text Function
  • Enter a Line Break

Wrap Text Function

Wrap Text Function is a procedure that is applied on the cells for wrapping the data of the cells of the excel worksheet. If you want text to appear in the multiple lines or want to appear the data in the visualize mode then you can apply the wrapping on the texts in the cells. For that you need to apply few steps as discussed below:
  • Select the cells in the worksheet that you want to apply Wrap Text.
  • After Selecting the data, go to the Home tab and in the Alignment Group Click the Wrap Text.

Enter a Line Break

This is second manual function for wrapping the data. Its also used when entering the data in the cells in the worksheet because this is manual function. If we are typing in a cell and want to appear the text in the next line then we have to press ALT+ENTER to come in the new line. After pressing ALT+ENTER text are appear in the next line.
wrapping text , excel wrap text in cells
If you want to start in a new line of text at a specific point in a cell then double click in the cell and select the location where you want to break the line in a cell and then press ALT+ENTER.
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