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Hey, guys, We hope this website is helping you with your Excel Work, So Today we are here to discuss the most useful Function in Excel, that is IF Function.Talking about IF Function, It is very useful as it helps us in making our logics expressible through the Function.IF Function works on Conditions or in a Logical way to solve any problem.

What is IF Function?

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IF Function is used to express our logic into Functional Format for solving the query.It’s a kind of decision model that gives us options for doing a thing.For Eg. If I am confused with two things like I would go to shopping If I had balance in my account or otherwise will watch a movie at home, So to express this we can use IF Function in Excel.

Syntax used for IF Function,

=IF( Decision Logic, [true], [false] )


  • Decision Logic: It is the condition or Logic you create or think about in order to fulfill your requirements.Here you specify What in return you require if either of the things happened.
  • [true]: It is the value that you want to get when your logic is true or condition fulfilled.
  • [false]: Here you specify what you want in return when your condition doesn’t get fulfilled.

Now, Let us do an example in order to learn the implementation of IF Function in Excel.Consider this Spreadsheet, wherein we have specified some fields, and What we need to do is If a user has donated more than or equal to $50, then we would send them a Free Gift, otherwise nothing.

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So, Writing our IF Function for it,

  • Decision Logic: As our decision is based on the amount of Donation received, we would specify our condition accordingly,


This specifies, If the value in cell G2, is greater than or equal to 50, then either of the two things happens, If the value gets a return of TRUE, then a Free Gift otherwise nothing.

  • [true]: If got a TRUE response, that is condition gets fulfilled, we would give a Free Gift.

=IF(G2>=50, “Free Gift”,

  • [false]: Otherwise, We would keep that cell blank.

=IF(G2>=50, “Free Gift”, ” “)

As showed in Screenshot below,

screenshot of excel 2013

Now, once we have applied our Function for cell G2, we can use our fill handle to apply the same formula to other cells as well, by just dragging it down up to cell G8.Like this,

screenshot of excel 2013

This is how we use IF Function in Excel Sheet, It’s very easy to use and we can directly implement what we think, by just creating a logic in our minds for our query.If you think it was helpful to you in understanding IF Function clearly, We would love if you would recommend your Friends and Colleagues to learn Excel Concepts in a simpler way through this website.You can also share this article on Social media platforms with your dears, to help them out with Excel Concepts.If you have any queries about IF Function, Kindly post it to us and we would try to help you out as soon as possible.

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