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Hey, guys, We hope you guys are learning and enjoying our posts, we are trying to present the concepts in simple words to make you understand things in a better way.Today, we will be discussing How to Round off the numbers in Excel using ROUND Function.


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Round Function is used to round off or reduce a value or a number by shifting a specific number of digits or decimal places.It is widely used to make the calculations easier.Using Round Function affects the Calculated Value.


Syntax for Round Function:

                                                     =ROUND(number, num_digits)


  • number: It is the Required parameter of Round function, where we define the number we want to round off.
  • num_digits: It is the number of digits up to which you want to round off the number.It is also a mandatory parameter.

Let’s do an example to understand the Round Function Practically,

Consider this SpreadSheet given below,

Excel ROUND function

As you can see, We have calculated Round off Values, Let’s write the Round Function for these,


  • number: Here, we need to specify the number for two numbers, as below,



  • num_digits: It is a kind of format for numbers to round off in different manners.Like the first number in the list is round off up to one decimal place, that can be specified in ROUND Function in this manner,


Similarly, We can specify for two decimal places, three decimal places and more.

  • num_digits: Now, to round off the number to the whole number, we just need to specify the ROUND Function like this,


Similarly, We can specify ROUND Function for the nearest 10’s,100’s etc, We just need to define num_digits              as a negative number.For example,



  • If the num_digits value is defined greater than zero, then the number would be rounded off up to that specified number of decimal places.
  • If the num_digits value is defined as zero, then the number would be rounded off to the nearest integer value.
  • If the num_digits value is defined lesser than zero, then the number would be rounded off to the left of the decimal places, as you saw in nearest 10’s,100’s case.
  • There are two functions, ROUNDUP and ROUNDDOWN, ROUNDUP Function is used to always round the value away from zero and ROUNDDOWN Function to always round the value towards the zero.
  • If we want to round the number near to a specific number, then we need to use MROUND Function.

This is how you can use ROUND Function efficiently.You can also use ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN and MROUND Function for specific purposes. Bookmark this website for more beneficiary Information and tips related to Excel Queries and share with your Colleagues and Friends who are facing problem in understanding and implementing Excel Functions.If you have any question regarding this post then you can freely post it to us, We’ll be happy to answer you.

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