How to view two or more worksheet simultaneously in Excel?

Hey Friends, If you are the one who is working with multiple worksheets at the same time and need to do some analysis between these worksheets, or simply if you want to work as a pro in excel while handling multiple worksheets, you are at the right place. Today we will be learning about how we can handle and view our multiple worksheets simultaneously in Excel. So, Let’s read through this article.

How to view multiple worksheets at the same time in Excel?

There are some steps to follow to learn how can we implement this excel trick to become an Excel pro.

  • Open the spreadsheets that you need to alter in Excel. Of course, every spreadsheet is opened as an amplified sub-window inside the Excel window. You will see every spreadsheet as a different thing in the Windows errand bar, however, you can just view each one in turn in the augmented perspective of Excel. Every spreadsheet is opened as a window inside the Excel window. Like this,

Excel tab to view sheets

Now, you can see how the multiple spreadsheets are displayed in Excel, they all are opened in their separate windows, to view them you have to be on any one spreadsheet at a time. But what’s the trick to view them simultaneously in one window, Let’s explore.

  • Now, to view all the spreadsheets in one window, you have to go to the “View” tab and then click “View side by side” under Window section. And this way Excel would sort the spreadsheets to help you view them simultaneously in one window.17 view multiple sheets in a workbook

But What if you want to view one spreadsheet at once again?

So, Don’t worry we have a trick for that too. Follow the following steps to undo:

Now, When you want to come back to a full-screen perspective of a specific spreadsheet, just double tap on the title bar of your spreadsheet (by its name) and it will grow and be the just a single noticeable Spreadsheet.

return to single sheet view

If you don’t mind take note of, these insights work with forms of Microsoft Excel as of now being used – Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013, just for PC. Macintosh perfect renditions of Excel ought to have comparative choices. Continuously spare a duplicate of your record before controlling it. I bear no duty regarding any pickles you may get yourself into!

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