How to use PROPER Function in Excel

Hello all, So here we are with one another Function that is used in Excel widely, that is PROPER Function.PROPER Function is used for capitalizing the letters in a String, basically the First letter of a text string to convert it in Proper case, But It sometimes do some unexpected things also, like it would capitalize Apostrophe ‘s’ in the string “father’s name”, like this “Father’S Name”,So we need to use it wisely.


PROPER Function capitalizes the very first letter of the text string, that is all letters that come after space or any other special character in a string would be capitalized by the Proper Function.

Syntax for PROPER Function,



  • text: This is the only argument of PROPER Function and that’s why mandatory one.It is the text string that you want to Capitalize that can be written directly in double quotes or can be enclosed as a cell reference.

Note that Numbers would not get affected by PROPER Function.

Let’s see the working of PROPER Function through an example,

Here, In Column A some text strings are specified, Let’s see How PROPER Function would affect them,

  • In cell A2, the text string “tanugoyal” is written without any spaces or special characters, that is why PROPER Function just Capitalized the very first letter of the String.
  • In cell A3, the text string “father’sname” is written without spaces but with special character Apostrophe(‘), that is why PROPER Function capitalized ‘F’ and ‘S’ here.
  • In cell A4, you will notice we have specified name followed by numbers, and as said PROPER Function does not affect numbers, therefore capitalized the first letter only.
  • Now, In cell A5, you would see there is a space in between “shujaat and zaidi”, that is why PROPER Function capitalized the first letter ‘S’ and next letter after space ‘Z’.


We can specify argument of PROPER Function in these ways,

  1. By directly specifying the string in double quotes like this,


2. By specifying the function for individual cell and dragging fill handle through other cells, like this,


This is How we use PROPER Function in Excel, It’s very easy and yet so useful for maintaining records in Proper manner. We hope you understand and easily implement the Function in your Excel Sheet.If you feel this article is helpful to you and any of your friends or colleagues are facing the problem in using PROPER Function, Share it with them and help them. You can also share on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you have any queries regarding this post then you can freely ask it to us. We’ll be happy to solve your queries as soon as possible.

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