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The instructional exercise clarifies what an Excel name is and demonstrates to characterize a name for a cell, range, steady or equation.

Names in Excel are an incomprehensible thing: being a standout amongst the most valuable highlights, they are frequently viewed as futile or geeky. The reason is that not very many clients comprehend the pith of Excel names. This instructional exercise won’t just show you how to make a named run in Excel, however, will likewise demonstrate to use this element to make your equations substantially less demanding to compose, read, and re-utilized.

What is a Named Range?

Name range is a term that is just a descriptive or meaningful name given to a set of data, that can be used for a range of cells, for any specific value or a particular formula. Here below we have shown a list or a range of some Quantity cells is given a Named range as Quantity, which we can directly use to access this whole list by a single name “Quantity”. Like Suppose, we want to find out the maximum quantity out of the list, then we simply use the MAX Function and define it as,

=MAX(Quantity) rather than MAX(B2:B7)

 Excel names in name box

And it will simply give us the results.

How we create a Named Range?

Follow these simple steps to create a named range:

  • To create a named range, just go to the formula bar in the Top left of Excel window.
  • Then click on the Name box.
  • Type a meaningful name for your list.
  • And just press the Enter, and you are good to go.

How can we make Excel create the Named Range Automatically?

On the off chance that you have very much organized information with marks, you can have Excel make named ranges for you. Simply select the information, alongside the marks, and utilize the “Create from Selection” feature on the Formulas tab of the Excel ribbon.

Create names from selection command on ribbon

Let’s Consider the Spreadsheet below,

Create names from selection with data and labels selected

You can see the two columns, Abbrev. and Population are selected, and we need to create a named range for the selected range. So, We would follow these steps to do this:

  • Select the “create from Selection from Excel ribbon.
  • Then, select the option you want the named range for.
  • Click “OK” and you would see the results.

So, This way you can either create named range manually or automatically. We hope you understood the concept. If you had a good time reading this article, kindly share it with your friends and colleagues who are learning with Excel Concepts. You can also share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social platforms like Linkedin and can help others as well. You can write any of your queries to us, we would try our best to help you as soon as possible. Bookmark this website for more useful content.


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