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Hi everyone, Today we will discuss Excel INT Function. Here, We would learn how to use INT Function and how it works. INT Function helps in rounding down the number to the nearest integer.INT Function can also be used as a Formula with other any Function. We also have some other Functions similar to INT Function, like ROUND Function and TRUNC Function. Let us discuss how can we use it.

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What is INT Function?

INT Function comes under the Math/Trig Function category. INT Function is a very useful function, to round down any number to nearest integer value. It returns the integer value from the number.

How to use INT Function in Excel?

     SYNTAX  for INT Function: =INT(number)


  • number: It is the only argument where we need to define the number that we want to round down. It is the required parameter.

Let’s do an example to know how INT Function actually rounds down the number to the nearest integer.

Consider this SpreadSheet, where we have defined five decimal values and using INT Function we would see how INT Function truncate the number to nearest integer value.

Excel INT function

In the above spreadsheet, we have round down the decimal values, Let’s write INT Function for it to know how we can implement it practically on our tables step by step.

  • number: This is the only argument of INT Function, for the spreadsheet given above, we can write INT Function for the values, like this,


This will return us the nearest integer value to 4.9, that is 4.

Similarly, we can do same for all the values and we would get corresponding results for them.

You might be wondering, we used to do the almost same thing with TRUNC Function, so what’s the difference between INT and TRUNC Functions. Let’s learn the differences between the two.

INT v/s TRUNC Function:

INT and TRUNC Function both works almost in the same manner and return integers in the result.

  • INT returns the integer value, after rounding it down to the nearest integer.
  • However, TRUNC Function returns the integer value after chopping it off up to some decimal places.
  • While using these two functions with negative numbers, a noticeable difference can be seen.

So, This is how we can use INT Function in Excel Sheet.You have also learned the difference between the INT and TRUNC Function.We hope you understood the concept of INT Function.If you think this article was helpful to you, kindly share it with your friends and colleagues who are dealing with problems in understanding Excel Concepts.You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social platforms and can help others as well.You can also write your queries to us, we would try our best to help you as soon as possible.

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