How to use HLOOKUP Function in Excel?

Hello, all, We are back with something, you were searching for, that is Hlookup. Hlookup is a great tool for MS EXCEL, that helps us in looking up the desired data from the tables in seconds.Hlookup searches for the information horizontally through the topmost row of the table and returns the desired value in the same column. It is used less in comparison with VLOOKUP Function, as mostly we deal with vertical alignment of data in Excel, but HLOOKUP is still a very useful tool.

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What is HLOOKUP Function?

Hlookup Function lookups for the data in the topmost row from the table and returns the value in the same column where we specified the row.”H” in Hlookup Function stands for Horizontal, as the Hlookup function is used for searching out the data from the table horizontally.

A syntax for HLOOKUP Function:

   =HLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, row_index_num, [range_lookup])


  • lookup_value: It is a mandatory parameter of HLOOKUP Function.This is the value we are looking for in the topmost row of the table.
  • table_array: This is the table wherein the data is to be looked up.It is also a mandatory field.
  • row_index_num: It is the row number from table_array, from which the matched value would be returned.
  • [range_lookup]: It is an optional parameter, where we define the logical values for telling HLOOKUP to find an exact or approximate match.If specified TRUE or skipped, then an approximate match is returned, otherwise exact match.

Let’s do an example to understand HLOOKUP more clearly,

Consider this spreadsheet, Wherein Student Names are specified with their marks in different subjects,

How to Use Excel HLookup

Here, our objective is to find out Steve’s marks in English by using Hlookup Function.


  • lookup_value: Here, the lookup_value is “Steve”, So writing HLOOKUP Function for it would look like this,


Lookup Value in H_LOOKUP

  • table_array: Here, We would define the range reference of the entire table, like this,


Table Array in H_LOOKUP

  • row_index_num: The row index number, in this case, would be 4, as we need to fetch data from fourth row here.


Row Index number in H_LOOKUP

  • [range_lookup]:  As we need to find out the exact match for Steve, therefore we would specify FALSE here.


Steve's marks in English using H_LOOKUP

So, This is How we use HLOOKUP Function in Excel.You might be wondering What is the difference between HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP, So here are some points that makes a difference in two.


  1. HLOOKUP is used for looking up for the values horizontally in the table, while VLOOKUP is used for looking up for the values vertically through the columns.
  2. HLOOKUP Function searches for the value in the top most row and returns the value in the same column, whereas In VLOOKUP Function, the value is displayed in the same row but in next column.
  3. Difference in syntax,


HLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, row_index_num, [range_lookup])


VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup])

This is how you can manage your Complex Spread Sheets to frequently get the results using HLOOKUP Function.Practice it on easy tables first and then try to Implement on Complex ones.Bookmark this website for more useful Information and tips related to Excel Queries and share with your Colleagues and Friends who are facing problem in understanding and implementing Excel Functions.If you have any question regarding this post then you can freely post it to us, We’ll be happy to answer you.

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