How to Select Cells In MS Excel | Text Selection

How to Select Cells In MS Excel: In this lesson, We’ll learn how do I select something on excel. It is a beneficiary if you want to select several cells with similar information. Here we can use Excel Find and Replace features for finding any cells and replace those cells which you want to change any information in the chosen cell. This feature is commonly used when we want to change any particular information out of whole information. We can also find the function by this features.

Steps For Finding The Cells in MS Excel

There are some steps to find any particular cell, follow these steps:
  • On the Home tab, click Find and Select option and then click on Find or press [CTRL]+F.
  • A Find and Replace Dialog box appear, type the text which you want to search.
  • Click on the Find Next button if the text is not matching with your text and click to Find All button to check all the occurrence of the information.
How to Select Cells In MS Excel, How to Select Text In MS Excel
Here we’ll discuss this features by an example. We’ve some gadget information according to their price. Here we’ve some Item name , its Company name, and its Price and here we  want to find an item laptop with the company name “DELL”. The first click on Find and Replace and click on Find. Type the text means Item name i.e. laptop. Here there is two item with same name “LAPTOP” so click on the Find Next and this item is matched with our search item then stop here.

How to Select Cells In MS Excel, How to Select Text In MS Excel

Steps For Replacing the Cells in MS Excel

Now our next step is to replace the cell which we want. For that we follow some steps as mentioned below:
  • First, press Find and Replace option then click on the Replace option.
  • Then type the updated data means replace data.
  • Then click on the Replace option .
How to Select Cells In MS Excel, How to Select Text In MS Excel
As we mentioned above that we want to change the Item name from “Laptop to Tablet” which company name is DELL. For that first of all, we click on Find and select then click on Replace option. Then Find the particular information which we want to change. After search item, go on the replace option and type the information which we want to update and click on the replace option . Here information is successfully` updated . We update only single cell but we can update more than one cell at a time which has similar attributes.

How to find used functions in the cell

We can also find the functions which are used in the particular cell of our Spreadsheet. For that follow some steps as follow:

  • First press Find and Replace then click on Find option.
  • Then type the function name in the Find field.
  • Click on the Find Next option and stop here.
  • How to Select Cells In MS Excel
    If we want to FIND the function of any cell, here we want to find count function in our spreadsheet so first we go to the FIND and replace then click on the find option and type count function like =count(E2:E9) .It is basically used for find any particular function.


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