How to insert a new line in Excel?

Our Today’s article describes how can you insert a new line in the same cell in your Spreadsheet. It is an easy and yet so powerful trick if you’re a keyboard ninja then it will work wonders for you. So, here we go with our Today’s article.

How can you simply add a new line in the cell?

If you like to use the keyboard more than the mouse, you would surely be searching for this hack, So here ends your hassle. You can add a new line in your Spreadsheet by simply going through these simple steps,

  • Choose the cell where you want to insert a new line and double tap it.
  • And then simply press the ALT key with ENTER to insert the line.

It is that simple and easy but you can also do the same thing by using a formula in Excel, In case you are not a keyboard geek.

Inserting a new line in Spreadsheet using a Formula

If you want to use Excel Formula, then you can easily embed or insert another line into an Excel cell utilizing the Excel Char Function. The line break character is addressed by defining character number 10. In this manner, another line can be embedded into a cell utilizing the capacity.

Let’s see how through an example:

Start a New Line in Excel Cell - Dataset Formula

Consider the Spreadsheet above, we have used CONCATENATE Function to Combine the whole address in one line, but What if we want to move the data in next line being in the same cell, So here is the trick:

We need to use Char(10).

CHAR(10) is a line bolster in Windows, which implies that it powers anything after it to go to another line.

So to implement this we have to use the formula described below:


This equation would enter a line soften up the result and you would consider a demonstrated Spreadsheet as follows:

Start a New Line in Excel Cell - Line break in formula

But for considering this or for this formula to work you have to do some cell formatting. You have to Wrap text to make it work, Let’s see how.

Cell Formatting for displaying a new line

For a different line to appear in an Excel cell, the Wrap Text decision must be engaged or empowered. In late types of Excel (2007 and later), this can be controlled by the Wrap Text catch, which is arranged in the “Arrangement” gathering of the Home tab of the Excel strip (see underneath).

Excel Wrap Text Button

The Wrap Text decision can moreover be controlled from inside the Format Cells dialog box. Hence, in case  you have the more established version of Excel, which does not have the easy route catch, you can wrap message as takes after:

  • Select the cell(s) that you need to wrap message in..
  • Now, just open the ‘Format Cells’ window.

(The clearest way to deal with do this is to use the console backup course of action Ctrl + 1 – i.e. press the Ctrl key and remembering that holding this down press 1).

  • Select the Alignment tab in the ‘Configuration Cells’ talk box.
  • Check the compartment close by the Wrap content option and snap OK.

This way you can embed another line in a cell, we hope you liked the article. If you like this article then you can share on social media and can also share with your friends.

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