How to Create a Sparklines In Excel 2010

Hello everyone, Today we’ll discuss how to Create a Sparklines or Mini Chart in Excel. A sparkline is a tool/cell  that provides the visual(graphically) representation of data. Excel 2010 Sparklines is used to represent the data (a data which were taken in a rows or column ) creating a new cell (in row or column) and provides the tiny graph for each row or column to analyze the  data and highlights the data values to create a sparklines we need to organize data in a rows or column. It is used to show trends in a series of values, such as seasonal decreases or increases, economics cycles and to highlights a maximum or minimum values of the Excel Sparklines chart have different charts and each chart has its own advantages. This tutorial helps you how to create the sparklines in various types different data and create a chart by using it.

Create a Sparklines | Inline-chart 

Sparklines are small, lightweight graph, that fits into a single cell .when we represent our data in a graphically form or chart form we need to organize data in a rows or column, it is easily understood and it clearly shows the lowest or highest point,economically we discuss some point about the chart.So,here we understand how to create sparklines in excel by following some few steps which are:
  • Select an empty cell or rows or column cell  in which you want to show the “Sparkline”.
  • Click “Insert” tab. 
  • In the sparkline group, select the sparklines types.
  • A Dialogue box appears, asking for the data range.
  • Click on the icon Data Range and enter the range.
  • Now, click ok.
  • The chart will be shown in the spreadsheet.
  • if you want to show the sparklines in multiple cells, Select the Location range.
  • Click,ok
So, this was all about how to use Excel Sparklines. If you wish to make a sparklines chart that looks different than the simple chart, then after you create the sparklines chart , you can control which data values are points(such as high or low,first or Last and any negative data values). there are many options available .You can do Formatting, add markers, axis etc to enhance the sparklines. Excel sparklines chart allow creating sparklines in the type of Line,Column,Win/LossSo, we will discuss all types of charts and their formatting .

Types Of Sparklines

Line Chart

These Sparklines are displayed in the format of simple lines ,in this data points are connected with lines to see whether a increases or decreases over a time which is easy to read.The line in excel is used to display the trends over time. A line chart is a default option for sparklines,there is no need to specify this as it would be could change the sparklines color,markers colors,style of line.To create a line sparklines follow some steps:
  • Select the range of the input data,
  • Click on the insert tab.
  • Select line from the sparklines.
  • Select the data range where you want to insert the Line sparklines.
  • Click  Ok.
  • Highlight the highest point/low point in the chart.
  • Select any color /style from the drop-down list.
  • Get the result.

Column Chart

These sparklines are displayed in the column of bars.If the data which we will enter have a positive value then the bar column will be lying in the upper axis,or if the data consist of negative value then the column will lie below the axis and data have a zero value then column will not be displayed and empty space would be left at the data point and you can change the sparkline color ,style .To create a column sparklines follow some steps.
  • Select the range of an input data.
  • Click on the insert tab.
  • Select column from the sparklines.
  • Select the data range where you want to insert the column sparklines.
  • Click,Ok.
  • Select any color/style from the drop-down list.
  • Get the result.

Win/loss Sparklines:

These sparklines similar to the column but the difference is that these only represent profit/LossIt shows a positive or negative situation of data in a distinctive way. It is very easy to create.
To create a win/loss sparklines follow some steps:
  • Select the range of input data.
  • Click on the insert tab.
  • Select Win/Loss from the sparklines.
  • Select the data range where you want to insert the Win/Loss sparklines.
  • Click Ok.
  • Select the marker color, change the color of negative values.
  • Click on the negative point and select a color.
  • Get the Result.


Thus, in this post, we discussed How To Create a Sparklines In Excel. Sparklines are simpler  than Charts but not a versatile. Sparklines are the tiny graph that fit into the one cell and gives you the clear graphical presentation of the data. We hope you will like this article, if you like this article then you can share with your friends and colleagues. We will update the information on the regular basis. You can also share this post on social media websites like facebook, twitter, Instagram or other social media websites. If you have any doubt regarding this post you can freely write your query in a comment section. We will revert back to you as soon as possible.

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