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We hope you all are doing good and understanding and practicing Excel tips and tricks that are shared here.Today, we are going to discuss What is FACT Function and How to use it in Excel.After going through this article, you would be able to implement FACT Function in your spreadsheet on your own, and you would be knowing what Factorial Function do and how. Let’s discuss Fact Function in details below.

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What is Fact function?

FACT is used as an abbreviation for Factorial.We use Fact Function to find out the Factorial of a number.In Mathematics, Factorial of a number can be defined as the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n, where ‘n’ can be any positive integer.

How is FACT Function used in Excel?

The syntax for FACT Function:



  • number: This is the only required parameter of FACT Function, we can define any integer here for which we want factorial.

Let’s do an example to learn practically how you can implement FACT Function in your tables to find Factorial of the numbers.

Consider the following spreadsheet, where a list of values is specified, Let’s write Fact Function to find out the factorial of the respective values.


Writing FACT Function:

  • number: As the number is the only argument of FACT Function, we just need to define the respective number in FACT Function to find out the factorial of the number.Like this,


And this would result in the following,


To apply the FACT Function on all the values, just drag the Autofill handle through the complete Factorial column, and you would get results in the following manner,


So, This is how FACT Function works in Excel.


  • Factorial of any negative number would result in #NUM! error.
  • If the value specified in FACT Function is not a numeric value, then FACT Function would return a #VALUE! error.

How does Factorial Function work?

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Here, In the Flow chart above, It is expressed how Factorial Function actually works internally, however you don’t need to know this for using FACT Function in Excel, but it is just an added value to your Knowledge. Factorial Function results ‘1’ for 0! and 1! so if you want to find out the factorial of 0 or 1, it would result as 1. For a value n greater than 1, FACT Function recursively multiplies it with its predecessors until the base condition is fulfilled and then returns the calculated results.

This is how we can use FACT Function in Excel Sheet.It is very easy to use and yet so helpful. If you think it was helpful to you in understanding and implementing FACT Function practically, We would love if you would recommend your Friends and Colleagues to learn Excel Concepts in a simpler way through this website.You can also share this article on Social media platforms with your dears, to help them out with Excel Concepts.If you have any queries about FACT Function, Kindly post it to us and we would try to help you out as soon as possible.

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