COVAR Function in Excel

Hi all, We trust all of you are doing great and understanding and honing Excel tips and traps that are shared here.Today, we are going to discuss What is COVAR Function and How to use it in Excel.After going through this article, you would be able to implement COVAR Function in your spreadsheet on your own, and you would be knowing what COVAR Function do and how. Let’s discuss COVAR Function in details below.

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What is COVAR Function?

The COVAR function is a built-in function in Excel that is categorized as a Statistical Function. It can be used as a worksheet function (WS) in Excel. As a worksheet work, the COVAR capacity can likewise be entered as a component of an equation in a cell of a worksheet. The Excel COVAR Function figures out the covariance of two provided sets of qualities or you can say sets of values.

How can we use COVAR Function?

The syntax used for the COVAR Function is:

 =COVAR( array1, array2 )

Where array1 and array2 are two varieties of numeric values.

Note that if the provided parameters contain text values or logical values like TRUE or FALSE, these are disregarded by the Covar Function.


  • array1: It is the required parameter of COVAR Function, wherein we specify the range of integer values.
  • array2: It is also a required argument to be specified in COVAR Function to find out the covariance.Here also, we specify the range of integer values.

How about we do a case to learn for all intents and purposes how you can execute COVAR Function in your tables to discover covariance of the clusters.

Consider the accompanying spreadsheet, where a rundown of values is indicated, Let’s compose COVAR Function to discover the covariance of the particular arrays.

Writing COVAR Function:

  • Let’s write our Covar Function definition in cell B9, from the COVAR Function to find the covariance value. Change the affiliation or arrangement of the cell B9 to the rate (up to 3 decimal spots).

Now, specify the array1 as B3 to B7 as the first argument of the function.

  • array2 is defined as the second parameter  C3 to C7.

Subsequent to entering the equation or Function, press the ENTER key to see the Covariance result.

The covariance value in the case is 0.011% since the figure is near zero (with either a positive or negative sign), the two stocks/resources are acting freely for this situation.

This is how we can use COVAR Function in Excel Sheet.It is very easy to use and yet so helpful. In the event that you think it was useful to you in comprehension and executing COVAR Function for all intents and purposes. You can also share this article on Social media platforms with your dears, to help them out with Excel Concepts.If you have any queries regarding COVAR Function, Kindly post it to us and we would try to help you out as soon as possible.


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