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Hello all, Today we will discuss COUNTA Function in Excel, It’s a statistical Function which is used to count non-empty cells.We can use it for counting the number of cells containing texts, logical values, empty texts(” “), error values etc. COUNTA Function returns the number of non-empty cells within a range.It can be used in various situations like to count how many responses have received for a particular event or for calculating the total number of inventory etc.Image result for CountA function in excel


There are basically three forms of COUNTA Function,

  • COUNTA Function is used to count any type of cells that contain data, it can be an empty text or error values also.
  • If you want to count only those cells which contain numbers then you should go with COUNT Function.
  • And If you want to count the cells that are fulfilling certain criteria then you need to use COUNTIF or COUNTIFS Function.



                                    =COUNTA(value1, [value2], …)


  • value1: It is a mandatory argument, which specifies the value you want to count.It can be cell ranges or references.
  • [value2…]: It is a set of optional arguments, you can specify up to 255 arguments that you want to count.They can also be cell references or ranges.

Let’s dive in with example to understand the use and difference between COUNT, COUNTA and COUNTIF Function,


Consider this Spreadsheet, which contains some numerical values, texts, and logical values,

Let’s use COUNT Function for counting numerical values in column A and B, we will get this,

Using the Excel COUNT function


Now, Let’s Consider the same SpreadSheet and see the difference between COUNT and COUNTA Function,

When we used COUNTA Function for the same spreadsheet, It has returned the number of non-empty cells, while COUNT Function had returned the count of cells that contain numeric values.

3. COUNTIF Function

Syntax for COUNTIF Function is a little bit different from COUNTA Function,

 =COUNTIF(Where do you want to look?, What do you want to look for?)


=COUNTIF(range, criteria or condition)

Let’s understand through an example,

To find out number of Bananas from a list of Fruit items, we would write COUNTIF Function as,


Where the range is A2 to A5 and the criteria or the fruit we were looking for counting, are Bananas.

We can apply COUNTIF Function in various ways that we would discuss in our other article in details.


  • When the cell range is used as an argument in the function, each non-empty cell will be counted as 1.
  • When a cell is used as an argument in the function, then the non-empty cell will be counted as 1.
  • And when the argument is specified directly as a value, it is counted as 1.

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