COMBIN Function in MS Excel

Hello all, We hope you all are doing good and understanding and practicing Excel tips and tricks that are shared here.Today, we are going to discuss What is COMBIN Function and How to use it in Excel. After going through this article, you would be able to implement COMBIN Function in your spreadsheet on your own, and you would be knowing what COMBIN Function do and how. Let’s discuss COMBIN Function in details below.


What is COMBIN Function?

COMBIN Function is used for finding out the number of combinations that can be made by using a given set of numbers regardless of its order. COMBIN Function comprises of two arguments, the total number of elements and the number of elements in each combination.

How can we use COMBIN Function?

A syntax for COMBIN Function:

=COMBIN(number, number_chosen)


  • number: It is the required parameter of COMBIN Function, wherein we define the total number of elements present in a given set.
  • number_chosen: It is also a required field of COMBIN Function, wherein we specify the number of elements to be chosen at a time to form a combination.

Let’s do an example to understand the COMBIN Function practically.

Consider this spreadsheet below,

Here, we can see a table with four columns, Number, Chosen, Result, and Notes.We have specified number of elements in a set, in Number Column, the total number chosen for making the combination is specified in column Chosen and Result defines the Result so obtained from COMBIN Function, and lastly, Notes gives a description of the Result.Now Let’s write COMBIN Function for the above-given numbers and chosen numbers in order to learn COMBIN Function implementation.

Writing COMBIN Function:

  • number: Here, we define the number of elements in a given set. In the spreadsheet above, we have defined COMBIN Function in this way,


          Here, we have defined the cell reference for number parameter, that starts from cell A2 in the Number column.

  • number_chosen: This is the number of elements chosen for making combinations.Here, we define the chosen number of elements for grouping, like this,


And This would give us the answers in Result Column, and as we have given cell reference, we would not need to define the function separately for every entry to get the results, we would just drag the handle down and get the results.

So, This is how we can use COMBIN Function in Excel Sheet.It becomes very easy by using COMBIN Function to find out the number of combination that can be generated from a given set of values.We hope you understood the concept of COMBIN Function.If you think this article was helpful to you, kindly share it with your friends and colleagues who are dealing with problems in understanding Excel Concepts.You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social platforms and can help others as well.You can also write your queries to us, we would try our best to help you as soon as possible.

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