All about Average Function in Excel

Hello Everyone, Today we will discuss how to calculate the average in MS Excel. MS excel is a powerful tool to do all your calculation in just a few clicks.AVERAGE Function is one of them, through which you can calculate the average of the large set of data in seconds.

What is an AVERAGE Function?

Average Function helps us to find out arithmetic mean or the average of a set of numbers, cell references, ranges, arrays, and constants.We can use up to 255 individual arguments in an Average Function. It returns the average value of supplied set of data.

Syntax of AVERAGE Function,

      =AVERAGE(number1, [number2], …)


  • number1: It is an essential parameter, we can also specify a cell reference or range to find the average of.
  • [number2….]: We can pass maximally 255 parameters, that could be numbers, cell references or ranges.It is an optional argument.


  • The arguments that we pass through the Function could be anything numbers or names, they can be cell references or ranges also.
  • In case, you want the average of a set containing names or logical values in a reference, then we can find the average of that data by using AVERAGEA Function.
  • And Suppose, you want the average of a certain class or set of data, you can use AVERAGEIF Function and imply condition over AVERAGE Function.
  • You can also type logical values or texts into the Function as an argument directly, that would be counted.
  • Parameters like any text value that can’t be translated or converted into numbers or error values create errors.

Let’s understand the whole concept of AVERAGE Function through an example.

Consider this SpreadSheet, wherein Two column specifies the Date and Values, Let’s write AVERAGE Function for finding out the average of Values,


  • The first step to write an AVERAGE Function for any list or data is, to define its arguments, So the First Argument for our considerable list can be defined as,


  • Let’s write this function for finding average of first two values of the Value Column,


  • Then, After pressing Enter Button, you will get “8.85” as a resulted average value for first two values of Value Column.

  • We can also specify cell range in arguments, such as,


  • And this will give you,”46.24″, as the resulted average value of the complete cell range.

This is how we can use AVERAGE Function in Excel Sheet.It is very easy to use and yet so helpful. If you think it was helpful to you in understanding AVERAGE Function clearly, We would love if you would recommend your Friends and Colleagues to learn Excel Concepts in a simpler way through this website.You can also share this article on Social media platforms with your dears, to help them out with Excel Concepts.If you have any queries about AVERAGE Function, Kindly post it to us and we would try to help you out as soon as possible.

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